Recover Overall Hair & Scalp Condition / 100% Natural

    Chommpinn Hair Oil Serum is a natural combination of pure plant oils and pure essential oils to help promote the strong and rapid growth of hair roots and hair elasticity. It also adds shine, volume and manageability to your hair on daily basis. The healing power of pure essential oil of Rosemary, Lemongrass and Tea Tree teams up to keep your overall hair health hygienically well and prevent flake, caused by fungal, from building up on your scalp effectively.


    Effective Anti-Hair Fall Formula

    This all-natural hair cleanser employs the effective healing power of many pure essentials that contain properties in fighting against hair loss and stimulating hair growth, besides their aromatic attributes. Plus, the intensive extract derived straight from the leaves of Houttuynia cordata (Plu Ka0w Thai herb) that protects your hair and scalp from bacterial and viral invasion. These well-selected ingredients make a gentle yet powerful formula shampoo for everyday basis with a feel-good blend to make you hair and scalp ritual a mind-stretching thing to do.

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